Tekken Tag 2 leaks six more characters

Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 boasts a character roster that is unequivocally the biggest in the series’ entire history, with over 50 combatants confirmed for the upcoming console release.

However, with mere days until release, it seems Namco was keeping a few extra characters up its sleeves, with early adopters having uncovered data for several additional fighters.

Online leaks (via Shoryuken) have confirmed that Doctor B, Thin Bob, Unknown, Miharu Hirano, Sebastian and Lee Violet will be playable in the upcoming beat-‘em-up, which rolls out to retailers worldwide this week.

At this point we’re starting to wonder just who isn’t playable in the game, perhaps minus Tekken 3’s super-secret, pint-sized brawler Gon.

Check out the official character renders below. Tekken Tag 2 is due out in the U.S. tomorrow and hits PAL regions on September 14.

(Click for full size)