Tekken x Street Fighter has 40 people working on it

Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has reiterated that the elusive Tekken x Street Fighter is still in development, with the crossover brawler having 40 or so people involved in its production.

Speaking during an interview with Polygon, Harada-san nonetheless wouldn’t go into much detail regarding the game, which was announced in summer 2010 alongside Street Fighter x Tekken.

“It’s very difficult to talk about,” he said. “Obviously, I had originally planned to release it much earlier than we’re currently looking at.”

“People have been talking about the game for such a long time that they aren’t going to be surprised if you just release it normally,” he added.

The developer went on to confirm that 40 people are working on the game, and put its delay down to the fact beat-’em-ups have saturated the market over the past few years. 

Harada-san also revealed that the forthcoming Tekken 7, which hits Japanese arcades in the next month or two, will remain Namco Bandai’s “big thing” for the time being.

Nothing on Tekken x Street Fighter has been revealed at this point, bar a couple of pieces of concept art. Despite its no-show, Namco has always maintained the project is still in the pipeline, though we still don’t even know what platform(s) it will appear on.