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Telekentic, Dual-Wielding Shooter Synapse Is Heading To PSVR2 Later In 2023, Looks Like Control In VR

synapse psvr2

One of the most pleasant surprises of the State of Play briefing was Synapse, a PSVR2 first-person shooter that basically looks like Remedy’s Control, but in VR. Essentially you play an individual with telekinetic powers and a handy gun arm that must romp around a bunch of areas and lay waste to enemies in all sorts of neat ways.

From levitating foes and then blasting them out of the air, telekinetically throwing explosive barrels into enemies or just simply force pushing enemies off the edge of ledges, it would appear that there is no shortage of ways to do away with the folks that want to put a bullet in your brain.

I would imagine that all of that would feel incredible through the PSVR2 Sense controllers as well, with every gunshot and thrum of every telekinetic attack being palpably conveyed through the haptic feedback technology.

Though little is known about the story or other gameplay mechanics, I can certainly say that I’m very much liking what I’m seeing from this first look at Synapse. You can catch the debut gameplay trailer for Synapse on PSVR2 below.

Synapse is set to release on PSVR2 sometime later in 2023.