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TellTale Originally Approached Deck Nine To Co-Developer The Wolf Among Us 2

Developer Telltale Games is currently hard at work on The Wolf Among Us 2, which they’re developing in collaboration with Adhoc. A new report regarding the studio’s closure and return revealed though that they considered working with Deck Nine on the highly anticipated sequel instead.

The report comes from website GameInformer, through an interview with the current chief executive officer of TellTale, Jamie Ottilie and other employees. When discussing the other project that TellTale has in the works with The Expanse, Ottilie revealed it was born first through answering a question about The Wolf Among Us 2.

“We visited Deck Nine early into the reboot of Wolf 2 to discuss possible co-development, but we quickly realized that we wanted to give this talented team more room to run on a project that didn’t have limitations and expectations predetermined by being a sequel.”

It is interesting to consider, what Deck Nine’s version of The Wolf Among Us 2 could have been. First though, we need to see what kind of game this new version from TellTale and Adhoc is.

Of course we will still get to see what Deck Nine can do with TellTale. The Expanse is a very popular sci-fi franchise, and it will be great to see what they both bring to it.

Source – [GameInformer]