PS4 Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect Weekly Ritual Sees Game Boy Stage Unlocked

Tetris Effect gameboy stage

Tetris Effect has a secret Game Boy stage. Though it was available this weekend for a limited time, you can also unlock it permanently.

If you’ve been getting down with Tetris Effect since its release last week, you’ve no doubt seen the Weekly Ritual feature. Setting community goals every week to earn cool stuff like avatars, players have to earn a set amount of points as a whole or complete objectives.

For example, the first Tetris Effect weekly ritual is to “Complete any mode with an Event marker to earn an avatar and contribute points to the overall ritual goal.”

This weekend saw the Tetris Effect community hit the required goal and for their efforts they unlocked a Game Boy Stage. Yep, it features the same graphics and music as the original 1999 game! You can watch it play out below.

How To Unlock Tetris Effect Game Boy Stage

Though the stage has now vanished, you can unlock it permanently. All you need to do is hit level 50 and it’s yours for eternity!

If you’ve not played Tetris Effect, you should check it out. In our review, we described it as “one of the games of the generation”.