The ‘4Cs’ of Home and User Revenue Sharing

The Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival was the site for SCEE’s Jamie Macdonald’s outline of the “4 Cs” behind Sony’s 3D social network, Home. After some promotional introductions, Jamie told the audience the prime objectives were: “community, competition, creativity and commerce.”

After the PR campaigning he introduced Peter Edward, the director of the platform group for Home. Peter took center stage giving attendees a preview of what to expect from the virtual world. He stated, “For the user, the value of Home is all about being able to share the experience with their friends, both gaming and non-gaming brands…It’s about having a safe, reputable environment run by a trusted brand in which they can feel secure about making online transactions."

Highlights of his commentary included custom content including user created content, such as your own clothing designs. Along the lines of customization he implied that users will be, “giv[en] tools to allow scripting, java minigames and so on." In short, Home’s potential at this point is limitless and Sony will actively pursue a multitude of user content to be customized and perfected.

Lastly, publishers will be given their own toolbar to create and offer downloadable content in the virtual environment. This is an exciting feature allowing non-brand and real world retailers to provided custom content and events within Home.

We at PSU were most captivated by his commentary on the opportunity for users to share in the Home revenue stream. While we will be busy with micropayments and shopping online, Sony and other associated brands will offer incentives to place advertisements within the custom apartments and homes. This implies that in the long run there is revenue for everyone involved with home; Sony, Marketers, and the end-user.

Stay tuned to PSU for more information on Home and Sony’s long term goals for their online community of epic proportions.

Source: GamaSutra