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The 7th Guest Celebrates 30th Anniversary; PSVR 2 Remake Is Now Available In All Its Horrific Glory

Classic FMV horror romp The 7th Guest celebrates its 30th anniversary today with the release of the full remake on PSVR 2, Meta Quest, and PC VR.

The 7th Guest has been revived for modern VR platforms, allowing for realistic and atmospheric story telling using cutting-edge volumetric live-action sequences. Thanks to to the power of modern hardware, players can witness hair-raising apparitions of the mansion’s ill-fated guests in spine-chilling 3D.

Paul van der Meer, Game Director of The 7th Guest VR, commented:

As huge fans of the original, we are incredibly proud to finally open the gates to Stauf’s Mansion for players to (re)discover the genre-defining classic as the mansion and its memorable characters come to life around them through cutting-edge VR technology. With this ambitious from-the-ground-up VR remake we set ourselves the goal of innovating video game storytelling, just like the original did when it pioneered full-motion video (FMV) use on CD-rom. We can’t wait for players to encounter their first volumetric captured live-action performers – and we’d love to be a fly on the wall as it happens!

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The 7th Guest VR is now available for PSVR 2, and you can read our full review here.