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The Callisto Protocol Dev Says Its Characters Are ‘The Most Realistic You’ll See In A Game,’ Right Down To Ray-Traced Reflections For The Eyeballs

Speaking during an interview with TechRadar, Striking Distance Studios‘ Mark James revealed that The Callisto Protocol‘s characters are ‘the most realistic you’ll see in a game,’ right down to the eyeballs, which boast ray-traced reflections.

Our characters are the most realistic characters you’ll see in a game. So much so, that when we first showed our game, everybody thought it was pre-rendered. We were like, ‘No, this is how our character looks. This is how Josh [Duhamel, the actor behind the game’s main character] looks’.

We’ve got a full scan, even down to ray-traced reflections for the eyeballs. So if you look into the [character’s] eyes in our game, you can see their reflected optics. It’s a really tiny detail, but it’s those tiny details that actually are so important to our game.

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In related news, James confirmed that The Callisto Protocol will receive four years of post-launch DLC.

Over the weekend, Striking Distance Studios’ chief Glen Schofield found himself the target of criticism on social media, after he tweeted out a message that seemed to glorify crunch culture. Schofield later deleted the post and issued an apology.

The Callisto Protocol is pencilled in for a December 2, 2022 release on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.