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The CEO Of Arc System Works Doesn’t Want BlazBlue And Guilty Gear To Compete With Each Other

Minoru Kidooka, the CEO of Arc System Works, has revealed during an interview with IGN that he doesn’t want to see franchises BlazBlue and Guilty Gear competing with each other.

Asked about what the studio’s plans are for BlazBlue, Kidookda-san explained that the main focus right now is Guilty Gear as he doesn’t want to have both series competing with each other.

We’re very proud of how the community has interacted with [BlazBlue]. One thing that we’re concerned with, one thing that we’re thinking about right now is that we don’t want to really have Guilty Gear and BlazBlue competing with each other. So we are focusing mainly on Guilty Gear. But of course BlazBlue is a title that the community loves.

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The community has put so much effort into making it what it is today, and keeping that in mind, we do want to touch back on the series at some point. So it is definitely not the case that BlazBlue is done. It is something that will be in the future. But for now, Guilty Gear is the main.

Elsewhere, he was also asked about a potential One Piece fighting game, and while he obviously couldn’t confirm anything, Kidooka-san said “it doesn’t mean it’s decided or doesn’t mean it’s outside the realm of possibility.”

[Source – IGN]