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The Crew 2 Update 1.28 Patch Notes Revealed For Season 8 Content

Ubisoft has popped the hood on The Crew 2 update 1.28 patch notes for your consumption, which is a major update that ushers in Season 8 of the racer.

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  • [Added] A new playground is available: the Motorflix Arena located on Michigan Lake.


Season Events

  • [Added] US Speed Tour is back with 13 new original events:
    • 8 new during Episode 1 and as many in an Endurance version.
    • 5 new during Episode 2 and as many in an Endurance version.
  • [Fixed] The steps in Story mode are no longer getting resetwhen unlocking a new fame status.
  • [Fixed] A graphical distortion will no longer appear on screen while playing any chase event.
  • [Fixed] Black and white text will no longer appear for a split second after entering the SAS gate for a few Hovercraft events.

LIVE Summit

  • [Added] 16 LIVE Summits including 8 Premium LIVE Summits:
    • 4 new Premium LIVE Summits
    • 4 returning Premium LIVE Summits


  • [Fixed] The extra space that was present for unlocked tiers 10, 15 and 20 when in French language has been removed.


  • [Fixed] Street lamp on the side of the road used in the Holiday Special event is no longer levitating.
  • [Fixed] Surface is no longer slightly levitating in the Lucky Guy 9 story on Step 3.
  • [Fixed] The music is no longer ending abruptly in one of New York’s street.


  • [Fixed] Truck tires are now grounded and displaying correctly at 83% progression in Season 7’s ‘The Aftermath’ event.
  • [Fixed] FPS no longer drops to minimum 32 fps at 98% progression in Season 7’s ‘The Final Call’ street race event.

Vanity Items

  • [Added] 84 new vanity items, 58 of those items are available in the Motorpass. These latest items will be released throughout the Season in the shop, as LIVE Summit rewards, or in the Motorpass.
    • 10 Horns
    • 12 Nitros
    • 10 Outfits
    • 3 Rooftops
    • 10 Smokes
    • 25 Tires
    • 10 Underglows
    • 4 Window tints
  • [Fixed] When equipping the Green Fury Tire, the wheelbase now has the correct offset dimensions, ensuring a fair competition for all.
  • [Fixed] Some rooftop vanities will now be centred and not overlap when being applied to vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Animation fixed when applying the Blue Cloud Tint.
    [Fixed] The Tempesta Underglow positioning has been fixed on powerboats and bikes.
  • [Fixed] The No Rules Underglow is now being properly displayed in free drive after applying it to any vehicle.
  • [Fixed] The thumbnail is now matching with the applied Colored Ribbon Smoke.


New Vehicles

  • [Added] 23 New vehicles
  • [Fixed] The Chevrolet Corvette C6R (2005) – Touring Car no longer has nitro flames coming from the back.
  • [Fixed] The Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole (1985) – Street Race now has the correct Rear Wheel Drive.
  • [Fixed] The Bugatti EB 110 (1992) – Hypercar no longer has super suspension clips after upgrading the performance parts.


  • [Improved] The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo (1974) – Touring Car handling has been tweaked.
  • [Improved] The McLaren 765LT (2020) – Hypercar performance has been improved.
  • [Improved] The Porsche 928 S4 (1991) – Street Race performance has been improved.
  • [Fixed] The 918 Spyder Silvery Edition (2015) – Hypercar no longer has a lower top speed than the one displayed (without any performance parts).
  • [Fixed] The Pontiac Firebird (1977) – Street Race cockpit camera in reverse view has been adjusted.
  • [Fixed] The speedometer of the Saleen S1 Icebreaker Edition (2020) – Street Race no longer burns on the screen for a second after exiting HQ.
  • [Fixed] The speedometer of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 (2021) Hypercar is now displaying data properly in cockpit view.
  • [Fixed] The camera no longer clips with the door while changing the interior colour for the Shelby GT 500 (1967) – Street Race and Drift edition.
  • [Fixed] The collision sound effect is no longer missing on several AGP vehicle wheels.
  • [Fixed] The visual effect of the disc brakes getting warm after slamming the brakes hard is no longer missing on the McLaren P1™ Gold Line Edition (2013) – Hypercar and the Creators Tempesta.
  • [Fixed] The Speedometer of the Porsche Cayman GT4 Carbon Edition (2016) – Street Race is no longer burning on the screen for a second after exiting the HQ.
  • [Fixed] The dashboard of the BMW M8 Performance Edition (2019) – Street Race no longer burns on the screen for a second after exiting the HQ.
  • [Fixed] The BMW M8 Performance Edition (2019) – Street Race height will no longer raise abnormally upon fully upgrading the suspension.


  • [Fixed] The engine sound no longer breaks down on specific sound configurations.


  • Some difficulty modifications based on the improvement of the handling on Touring Car and Alpha GP vehicles categories.

Known Issues

Below you will find a list of some of the current known issues.

  • Dashboards flash on the screen for a short time when being reloaded in-game.
  • “PSST Horn” is not correctly translated in Traditional Chinese language and debug text is present instead of the vanity name.
  • The wrong text is displayed for Season 8 Episode 2 events, displaying ‘Time Attack’ when races are against AIs.
  • The Season 8 Episode 2 events in their Endurance versions have the wrong short transition video with no sound.