The Division Last Stand DLC new details as update 1.6 preps for release

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, Last Stand, the latest DLC for The Division, will launch at the same time as update 1.6.

Though a release date still hasn’t been confirmed, Ubisoft has announced a host of new details for the third expansion of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Last Stand.

The expansion will launch at the same time as The Division patch and can be purchased as standalone DLC, or can be downloaded for free with a Season Pass.

Last Stand features:

  • An adversarial mode based in the Dark Zone
  • Incoporates PvE enemies and landmarks
  • Teams of 8 Division agents (2 groups of 4) will fight against 8 Rogue enemies
  • Players will have to capture terminals
  • A new incursion
  • Dark Zone 7, 8 and 9 will be unlocked and will feature challenging NPCs

Via a press release, Ubisoft has provided some backgrounds details to the Last Stand:

“When the situation in the Dark Zone escalated, as the outbreak spiraled out of control and all semblance of civilization collapsed, the Joint Task Force was forced to withdraw from the area, leaving behind important tactical terminals; SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information. Now, Rogue agents are closing in on those relays and if they manage to get their hands on the information, it would be catastrophic for the SHD and the mission to save New York. It will be your job, together with a team of seven other Division agents, to stop that from happening.”

Update 1.6 will be available at the same time as the DLC and will expand the game map, feature new exotic weapons, a legendary mode and new Contamination events. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Last Stand is not a timed exclusive on any platform but will be release simulataneously on PS4, Xbox One and PC.