The Evil Within 2 customisation system detailed


The Evil Within 2 will feature an extensive customisation system that awards players a more flexible gameplay experience, Bethesdad has revealed on its blog.

Whereas in the previous game players utilised Green Gel to upgrade Sebastian and his weapons, this time players will use the green stuff to boost the troubled detective’s stats while using Weapon Parts to outfit Seb’s arsenal. 

In terms of customisation, players will have five categories to select from: health, combat, stealth, recovery, and athleticism. As a result, gamers will be able to upgrade Seb’s attributes to cater to their own play style, As an example, upgrading the combat tree will allow the demon-slaying detective to inflict more damage against his enemies. 

If you’re struggling with health on the other hand, you can simply invest in the health tree to increase Seb’s life gauge to increase his resistance to damage. 

Meanwhile, weapon upgrades increase attributes such as fire rate and ammo capacity, while the crafting system affords you the chance to cobble together useful items from the pickups you’ve discovered throughout your journey.

The Evil Within 2 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 13, 2017. The game is the follow-up to Tango Gameworks’ 2014 survival horror title, and is masterminded by Shinji Mikami, the creator behind the multi-million selling Resident Evil franchise.

The sequel reunites us with Sebastian Castellanos as his life has been turned upside down the following the events of the original game. Having now lost his daughter, Lily, the troubled detective teams up with his former enemies Mobius for one last shot a redemption.

Source: Bethesda