The Evil Within 2 to focus more on "fear," will have multiple ways to play through missions

With Resident Evil franchise creator Shinji Mikami involved in The Evil Within, it was understandable if people assumed we’d be getting more of what we loved from the Resident Evil series in his debut game for Bethesda. While The Evil Within wasn’t a bad game by any means, it did leave a lot of room for improvement for the its sequel, The Evil Within 2.

In an interview with Japanese gaming mag Weekly Famitsu, Mikami shared details about The Evil Within 2’s development, how it’ll change from the first game and more. Given that the details we have are translated from the interview (via NeoGAF), don’t take everthing word for word and all that given a few things might be lost in translation or miscontrued. 

According to the magazine, development of The Evil Within 2 began in the summer of 2015, and it will have three difficulty levels out of the gate with "Casual," "Normal," and "Nightmare." There’s supposed to be "severe differences" between the three difficulty settings and even Casual mode won’t just be your usual easy mode.

One thing that should please fans is that the sequel is said to have a more open way in tackling missions. In the first The Evil Within, players were usually forced to play a certain style in each chapter; this won’t be the case in The Evil Within 2! Tango Gameworks is said to curb forced stealth and combat sections, and will instead let players take on stages in different ways. 

Mikami is focusing on "fear" rather than grotesqueness for the sequel as well, but will retain its certain morbid charm that a lot of people seemed to like. While TEW2 is expected to have fewer chapters than the first one, it’s said that a lot more happens in each chapter. 

There’s a ton more stuff discussed and if you’re looking forward to TEW2, I suggest giving it a go right here.

You can check out the latest trailer for The Evil Within 2 to see how some of the creatures you’ll be facing, or check out the customization system right here.

The Evil Within 2 will scare its way out onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this October 13.