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The First PlayStation VR2 Previews Are In, And They All Point To A Promising New Generation Of VR On PlayStation

On Tuesday, Sony hosted a State Of Play at which is presented new games coming to PlayStation VR2, but lacked any new information about the console itself.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and we’ve got quite a lot of new information about PS VR2, as the first previews pour in from different outlets, all of them pointing to an exciting generation of VR on PlayStation.

Gamespot, IGN and Eurogamer were among those granted access to go hands-on with the PS VR2, and play a few titles that are currently confirmed to be coming to PS VR2.

Horizon: Call Of The Mountain, Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, and Resident Evil Village were the four games featured in different previews.

The early looks at Horizon: Call Of The Mountain all seem positive, as the game seems capable of delivering that ‘magical VR feeling’ possible on the platform.

As for the device itself, most outlets highlight little iterations that come from the learned experience had with PlayStation VR, such as a lighter, more flexible headset.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect however, as IGN’s preview cited issues with the new controllers and audio features on the headset, issues that are already solved by Valve’s Index.

All in all, the hardware and the software available all look promising, but the question of the price still looms, and whether or not players feel like this new generation of VR is worth the price of admission.

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