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The God Of War Ragnarok PS5 Bundle Just Got A £40 Discount In The UK For A Short While

Now that PS5’s are more readily available than ever, we’re beginning to see some discounts be rolled out on PS5 console bundles.

Going along with a similar sale in the US, the God Of War Ragnarok PS5 disc-drive console bundle is on sale in the UK at BT for £40 off the original price of £539.99.

What makes the BT deal more unique however is that it’ll also be throwing in an extra free DualSense controller, for the total £499.99 price.

The digital version of the console bundle is also on sale through the PlayStation Direct store in the UK, where it’s gone down to £410 from £450. There’s no extra DualSense controller for free, however.

It’ll be on sale on the PlayStation Direct store until April 16, 2023, while it’s unclear how long BT’s deal will run for.

Getting an extra DualSense controller out of it however makes BT’s deal very worth it, even if you’re just getting the console for yourself. Having a controller to swap to when your first needs charging is always handy.

Source – [VGC]