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The Last Cube Is Bringing Atmospheric Puzzle Solving To PS4 In 2021

Atmospheric puzzler The Last Cube is coming to PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2021, developer Improx Games has announced.

Max Samarin, creative director of Improx Games, commented:

We’ve identified the audience who loves atmospheric puzzle games with lightweight narrative—we ourselves love these games.The Last Cube is an experience that delivers exactly that, while the unique mechanics also bring a whole novel aspect to it.

You might have played certain cube games as a kid, but not executed like this. And it’s not just about the puzzles—it’s also a cosmic adventure through a varied, alien world full of mystery and wonder that draws players from outside the puzzle genre as well.

The Last Cube takes place across a bunch of otherworldly landscapes where players are encouraged to discover the history of a alien and mysterious civilisation. The core loop involves you guiding a cube through range of sprawling, monolithic environments while unearthing the story behind the surreal game world.

Featuring brutalist architecture including nightmarish abysses, lava-soaked factories and natural landscapes bathed in sunshine, The Last Cube introduces new mechanics with each stage by way of a sticker you can place on the side of your cube. These include the ability to dash through barriers, construct makeshift stairs, and teleport over gaping chasms.

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The Last Cube is due out in 2021 for PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below.