Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2013 News

The Last Guardian claimed to be ‘on hiatus’, counter-claim says no

 During the excitement left after last nights’ array of thrilling announcements, a small storm was raised today over the claim that The Last Guardian is on hiatus, a claim that was later said to be false. Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s President and CEO, Jack Tretton, made the claim in a GameTrailer’s interview, before Sony’s Worldwide Studio head, Shuhei Yoshida, countered it and stated that the game ‘is in active development’.

The news of The Last Guardian’s postponement was promptly circulated, after Tretton was queried by Geoff Keighley in a GameTrailers interview as to the status of the game. He said that ‘projects never ultimately go away, so The Last Guardian is certainly not going away, but it’s on hiatus right now.’ After many had heard Tretton’s response, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo revealed that Yoshida told Totilo in interview that Tretton’s statement was false.

The news that The Last Guardian’s development is ongoing will be a relief to fans of Team Ico and their cult hits, especially because of the already long wait for this particular release. It was originally announced for Playstation 3 in 2009, though the existence of a new Team Ico game was rumoured since 2007, with one of our very own PSU forum users, Bobbin, making a widely-reported claim that he was told by a Sony product manager that the development studio was making ‘two games at once’.

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