The Last Guardian creator talks about his next PS4 game


The creator behind The Last Guardian has hinted that he may developed an open-world title as his next project.

Speaking during at the Nordic Games Conference, Fumito Ueda, who also developed the critically acclaimed ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for PS2, suggested that he’s ready to transition back to a more open environment following the intimate setting of his last project on PS4.

I cannot talk about the details [of my next project] but… Shadow [of the Colossus] came out of the experience with ICO, [going] from a closed world to open world. When I completed Shadow, there was a moment where I wondered if I wanted to go around an open world again, and maybe I should go back to a more closed space, spending a more intimate time with something in that space. That became the starting point for The Last Guardian.

Now I’ve completed The Last Guardian and spent so many years in that game, maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment.”

The Last Guardian was released on Sony’s latest home console in December 2016 following an arduous development cycle that was dogged by numerous production issues, which included Ueda-san leaving SCE Studio Japan and working on the project in a freelance capacity. The game was his first full title in 10 years, although his previous works were previously remastered on PS3 as the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection.

Ueda has previously discussed his thoughts on making something different for his next title, expressing interesting in making a first-person shooter and a zombie-themed game. Quite what he’ll settle on is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’ll be interesting to see where he goes next. 

Source: GamingBolt