The Last Guardian framerate issues, and funny running man glitch

The Last Guardian is a brilliant game, but as detailed in our review it does have a few technical issues. The worst of which is the slow framerate which can occasionally drag you out of what is otherwise a gloriously cinematic experience.

The video below shows one of the worst cases we encountered in our 14-hour run through. During this particular bout of painful slowdown, we had to resort to turning our PS4 off and back on again to start this section over.

Then, there’s the running man glitch. As well as running down stairs like a lunatic with arms flailing, he also likes to spend a little time when you stand still jogging up and down on the spot. Once again, it’s not a game breaker, but ugly nevertheless.

Still, don’t let this put you off The Last Guardian. The good far outweighs the bad, and rest assured you’ll be falling in love with Trico in what is truly one of the most memorable games of the last few years.

If you’re picking up game, you may want to check these The Last Guardian tips to help you along the way.