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The Last Of Us Cordyceps Easter Egg Unearthed By Streamer After Nearly 7 Years

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is turning seven-years-old in 2021, but even now a new Easter egg has been unearthed by speedrunner Anthony Caliber. This particular one acknowledges the Cordyceps infection in the game world and its origins.

The Easter egg is easy to miss and is found at the start of the game, when you’re controlling Sara, Joe’s daughter. Remember the TV report about a gas leak, which is followed by an explosion? Well, this where you can find the Easter egg. Here’s how you do it:

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-Start a new game on any difficult excluding Grounded Mode

-Pick a save slot so you can trigger a checkpoint

-Play the game until you head downstairs

-You’ll hear the gas explosion

-Once you get to the edge of the stairs at the bottom, quit back to the main menu

-Load your save data and you should continue from the above point

-Go back up the stairs and into Joel’s room, where you can see a TV report about the Cordyceps infection

The Last of Us was released for PS3 in June 2013 and was later remastered for the PS4 the following summer.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]