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The Last Of Us HBO Episode 5 Will Be Available Early In The US, UK

Episode five of The Last of Us HBO will be available to view early in the US and UK, moving from its usual Sunday and Monday slot, respectively, to allow fans to watch the episode two days early.

In the US, The Last of Us HBO will debut episode five on Friday, February 10 at 9.00PM. Meanwhile, the UK will also receive an earlier broadcast of the episode on Saturday, February 11 at from 2.00AM on Sky and its streaming service NOW via On Demand.

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The reason for it airing early in the US isn’t too surprising considering the Super Bowl is set to air on Sunday, which is obviously a ratings monster and usually dominates household viewing. Therefore, it’s understandably HBO wants to avoid The Last of Us clashing with it.

If you’re still on the fence with The Last of Us HBO, then you can watch the first episode for free on YouTube in the US and UK.