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The Last Of Us HBO Season 1 Has A Number Of Nods To The Last Of Us Part 2

HBO’s The Last of Us had its premiere a few days ago, and already eagle-eyed fans are spotting a number of references to The Last of Us Part 2 despite the series having only just got off the ground.

One of these is the settlement of Jackson where Joel’s brother, Tommy, resides, which we don’t get to see in full bloom until The Last of Us Part 2, with only a briefly glimpse in the first game. However, in a trailer for what’s next in HBO’s series, we can see the full community.

Interestingly, unlike The Last of Us Part 1 which took place in autumn when Joel and Tommy reunite, the HBO series seems to have their reunion in the winter. Unlike the original game, the show depicts the community as far more established as it was in the sequel.

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Other references are more subtle. For example, we see Joel’s daughter Sarah browses through their neighbour’s DVD collection and finds a copy of Curtis and Viper II, which is seen in The Last of Us Part 2.

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