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The Last Of Us HBO Star Bella Ramsey Has Finally Started Playing The Game

Bella Ramsey, the star of HBO’s The Last of Us, has revealed she’s finally started playing the actual game after months of filming her part as Ellie in the post-apocalyptic horror-drama.

Ramsey has previously told USA Today that she was encouraged not to played the game while auditioning for the part of Ellie, which suited her fine as she hadn’t played it anyway. However, speaking with Happy Sad Confused Podcast earlier this year, Ramsey revealed she’s now started playing it.

I actually started playing it two weeks ago. I had watched some of the gameplay, even before they asked me not to play it. Before the audition and stuff, I watched some of the gameplay, so I was aware of it and familiar with it but I’d never sat down and been Joel and Ellie.

I’ve not got to the bit where Ellie comes in. It’s actually not as weird as I thought it would be. I just need to get on with it. I get in a room, I look at all the details and I’m just wandering around. Then I end up getting lost. I just need to go forward and get to the point.

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Elsewhere, Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in the show, revealed that he did try to play The Last of Us at one point, but wasn’t very good at it. This is despite the fact the show creators encouraged him not to play the game.

[Source – NME]