The Last of Us multiplayer footage revealed, more to come hints Naughty Dog

With the June 14 release of the highly anticipated survival horror title The Last of Us right around the corner, developer Naughty Dog has been adamantly releasing new and long-desired information on its upcoming blockbuster. The latest: A new video illustrating The Last of Us multiplayer in action for the first time.

Having already revealed some brief information concerning the game’s story, some footage and details on the game’s multiplayer, and plans for the future, a tweet from the developer behind the Uncharted and inFamous franchises indicates that yet another round of information is yet to come today on June 5.

The tweet, made on June 4, reading "Who’s ready for more #TheLastofUs news? Tomorrow will be a big day.", tells little about the nature of what Naughty Dog plans on, but suggests that it will be something greater than the reveal of a few small details.


What do you think of this first-look at the game’s multiplayer? Does it attract you more than the story, or discourage you from making a purchase? Also, what do you think Naughty Dog plans to unveil later today? Let us know in the comments section below, and collaborate with our community on PSU’s message boards.

Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe, eager to begin the exploration of another of Naughty Dog’s addictive realms. You can connect with Steven by following him on Twitter @steven_chaffin.