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The Last Of Us Part 2: All Accessibility Options


The Last of Us Part 2 is one of Sony’s most accessible games, with dozens of accessibility options to tailor the experience to exactly how you want it or help those who are disabled or have difficulties playing action games. That is why we have taken the time to list all the accessibility options in The Last Of Us Part 2, so you know what to change on launch day.

The Last Of Us Part 2 All Accessibility Options

The accessibility options in The Last of Us Part 2 are split into six categories, so we will cover each one, one by one.

Alternate Controls

There is a large selection of stuff you can change about the controls in The Last of Us Part 2:

  • Input Remap
    • Customise Controls
    • Boat Controls
    • Rope/Ladder Movement
    • Guitar Strumming Input
    • Melee While Aiming
  • Holds and Presses
    • Repeated Button presses
    • Melee Combos
    • Aiming Mode
    • Listen Mode
    • Sprinting
    • Crafting
    • Backpack Weapon Swap
    • Bow Firing
    • Hold Breath Mode
  • Assistance
    • Camera Assist
    • Lock-On Aim
      • Lock-On Strength
    • Arc-Throw Lock-On
      • Arc-Throw Lock-On Strength
    • Auto Weapon Swap
    • Auto Pick-Up

Magnification and Visual Aids

  • HUD Scale
  • HUD Background
  • HUD Color
  • HUD Colorblind Mode
  • HUD Flashing
  • High Contrast Display
  • Screen Magnifier
  • Translation Prompts

Motion Sickness

Under this option you can alter the following:

  • Camera Shake
  • Motion Blur
  • Camera Distance
  • Field Of View
  • Dolly Zoom Effect
  • Full-Screen Effects
  • Persistent Centre Dot

Navigation and Traversal

This category offers the ability to change these parts of the game:

  • Navigation Assistance
  • Traversal Assistance
  • Ledge Guard
  • Enhanced Listen Mode
    • Scan Range
    • Scan Time
  • Infinite Breath
  • Skip Puzzle Option

Text-To-Speech and Audio Cues

There are a total of seven different settings to tweak under this section:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Traversal Audio Cues
  • Combat Audio Cues
  • Combat Vibration Cues
  • Guitar Vibration Cues
  • Audio Volumes
  • Audio Cue Glossary

Combat Accessibility

Combat accessibility is one of the more expansive sections, with quite a few toggles to turn on and off:

  • Enable Combat Accessibility
  • Hostages Don’t Escape
  • Allies Don’t Get Grabbed
  • Enemies Don’t Flank
  • Reduced Enemy Perception
  • Reduced Enemy Accuracy
  • Enhanced Dodge
  • Invisible While Prone
  • Weapon Sway
  • Slow Motion

The Last of Us Part 2 is here and you can catch up on everything from the game on our game page. You can also read our review for the game, which praises it heavily and awards a crystal clear 10 out of 10.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is now available on PS4.