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The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Locations And Combination Answers


The Last of Us Part 2 has a few safes for you to find and combinations to solve. There are 14 safes in the game and another 14 combinations spread throughout the game’s 40-plus chapters. We have compiled a list of all of The Last of Us Part 2 safe locations and combination answers, so you don’t have to struggle and find them yourself.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Locations And Combination Answers

Chapters in The Last of Us Part 2 are not directly named, but we have split them up based on what they are called when you save your game, as well as the days Ellie is on her journey.

Spoilers will be unavoidable in this guide, including locations, gameplay mechanics, sections of the game and more. We suggest taking this guide step by step and only moving to a new chapter when you get to it. We have also put spoiler warnings above information that contains heavy narrative spoilers.


Spoiler warning for this section of the game. Do not read on until you have finished all the previous chapters.


Chapter 4 – Patrol (1 Safe)

This chapter has one safe, which is found after you and Dina kill some infected and use the truck to climb into the Shopping Mall. After progressing through the back of the shop, you will come across an Employee of the Month board, next to the employee kitchen. The picture of the dog is what you want to look for. The date above that picture is the combination answer.


Now, look to your right and open the door to the storage room to find the safe. Interact with that safe and enter the combination ’07-20-13′ to open it.



Seattle Day 1

Chapter 9 – Downtown Seattle (3 Safes)

Before we get to the safes there is a large vault that can be unlocked in this mission, which holds a Shotgun and some other goodies. You can check out our guide on how to open that vault in Westlake Bank here, which does count as a safe.

Downtown Seattle is the largest area in the game. The first safe in this mission can be found along Madison Street, next to the West 2 gate. Head through the gate to the dead end and take a right. On the platform, you can find a safe. Pull out your Checkpoint Gate Codes document from earlier to find the code for the West 2 gate, which is ’04-51′, to open it.




One of the locations you will need to visit in this mission is the Courthouse, which is the mandatory location in the north of the area. Once you enter, you will go down to a dark corridor with some train gates. At the end of the corridor is a room. Use a bottle or brick to break the glass and enter it. The whiteboard at the back of the room has the code ’86-07-22′. Now, head back to the window and look beneath the desk to find the safe to open.




Chapter 11 – Capitol Hill (1 Safe)

The safe in this level is found right at the end when you come across the explosive traps and the small street. Note, this is after you find the dead horse. Head into the shop on the left of the street and through the door at the back of the shop. On your right is a noticeboard. Collect the Artifact on it to find the code which is the final six digits of the number. Head through the door opposite that noticeboard to find the safe, where you can input the code ’55-01-33′.




Seattle Day 2

Chapter 16 – Hillcrest (1 Safe)

This safe and combination is found midway through the level when Ellie comes out to the street filled with enemies. There are multiple shops here. Once all the enemies are dead, head into the second shop on the right, the Pet Boutique. Head into the shop and go into the bar/seating area to the left. Continue into the kitchen and immediately look at the wall on your left to find an Artifact with the code ’30-82-65′.




Now, head back outside and go behind the Velvet Tattoo shop. Move the dumpster from the backroom here and kill the infected inside the room. To the right of the door, you can find the safe inside this room. Open the safe with the code ’30-82-65′ to find a Short Gun Holster and some other supplies.




Chapter 18 – The Seraphites (2 Safes)

The first safe in this level comes after walking through an underpass. You will come across a block of white apartments. Use the truck in front of the entrance to climb up and jump to the overhang. Look to the right and jump to the overhang that goes around the building and smash the glass to the window on it. Jump inside and head to the back of the apartment, inside the bedroom. On the wall, beside the bed, you can find the calendar which has the couple’s wedding anniversary on it, which is the code ’08-10-83′. Then, look to the left to see the safe which you can use the code on.




The second safe comes after you fight the human miniboss with the pickaxe. After dropping down into the water and seeing the hospital again, you will come to a bit of land with Weston’s Pharmacy in the far distance. Head up the pathway and into the store at the top. You can find the combination ’38-55-23′ on a note on the counter, underneath the cash register. Next, look for a hole in the left wall halfway through the store, crawl under this gap to find the safe on the other side for you to use the code on.





Seattle Day 3

Chapter 21 – The Flooded City (1 Safe)

Very early on after you get the boat working, you will reach a locked chain gate. Before opening it go to the left and climb up the stairs. Take a left into the corridor at the top and pick up the artifact by the corpse. This has the combination on it, which is ’70-12-64′.


Turn around and move the cart on wheels by the rubble to one side. This will open up a gap you can crawl through. Upon crawling through it, jump down to the ground level, this time you will be inside the chain fencing. Directly next to the door you can find the safe which you can open with that code.




Spoiler warning for this section of the game. Do not read on until you have begun this chapter which takes place after you leave the stadium.

Seattle Day 1 (Abby)

Chapter 25 – On Foot (1 Safe)

After you and Mel have reunited with Manny after the warehouse. You will pass through two metal fences with a gap. On your right, there is a hole in the wall. Squeeze through to find the safe which can be opened with the code ’17-38-07′.



Chapter 28 – Hostile Territory (1 Safe)

This safe is quite early on in the level. After a while, you will come into the Chinatown district. Head into the third shop on the left and climb up the stairs. Crawl under the table and kill the infected inside. Jump over the gap to the third store on the right. Take a left and go into the room on your right. On a box to your right is a document with the safe code, which is ’68-96-89′.




Head back to the street and enter the first shop on the left from where you entered the street. Break the glass and use the combination ’68-96-89′ on the safe behind the counter.



Chapter 31 – The Coast (1 Safe)

This safe is found after you enter the ship and pick up the crossbow. Head straight to the end of the corridor you enter the ship on to find an artifact with the combination ’90-77-01′.



Now, make your way up to the top floor of the boat. Go to the front of the ship to find the safe next to the steering wheel.


Chapter 33 – The Shortcut (1 Safe)

After you jump from the highway to the balcony apartment enter the first white door on the right. Inside you can find a safe. The code is ’30-23-04′, which are two of the apartment numbers.


Chapter 34 – The Descent (1 Safe)

As you and Lev progress into the building, you will come across a reception and gym, this is after the juice bar. Head into the gym and look behind the counter for the WiFi password, which is the combination ’12-18-79′.


Turn to the left and go into the door to the left of the exit. Inside, you can find the safe to use the combination ’12-18-79′ on.



The Last of Us Part 2 is available now on PS4.