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The Last Of Us Part I Dev Explains How Combat Has Evolved In The PS5 Remake

Naughty Dog has taken to the PlayStation Blog to discuss how the team have improved combat in The Last of Us Part I on PS5, which benefits from the added horsepower of Sony’s new console to greatly evolved the experience in comparison to the original game.

The game’s Lead Programmer, John Bellomy, commented:

A lot of the changes in the combat system could broadly be described as taking something that we had to hack together [in the original]. There are sequences in the original game that are pre-scripted, that just play out in a very particular way.

Coming into The Last of Us Part I, we took those combat encounters and applied our AI engine and tool suite to do them ‘for real.’ We have more dynamic encounters thanks to paired search and new investigation behaviors, topographical analysis with pathfinding, and probing for visibility, so things like sneaking and ambushing will work in more situations.

These ultimately make the game more interesting for players. It doesn’t play out at the same time, every time. You can put yourself into new and exciting situations that maybe even we at Naughty Dog can’t account for.

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Meanwhile, Neil Uchitel, the game’s Audio Director, commented:

3D audio started in a limited way on PS4. On PS5, Sony created the Tempest Engine, a processing engine to take whatever audio they were getting from whatever game and then use some very complicated trickery to render it in such a way that it gives it much more spatialization in the world.

So you feel like you’re moving through the world much more, and what it definitely did is add more accurate height information. So if something is coming up above you, it feels like it’s coming from above you and so on.

The Last of Us Part I is pencilled in for release on September 2, 2022 for PS5.