The Last of Us PAX Prime playthrough is stunning

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us remains one of the most anticipated videogames on the horizon for any format, let alone Sony’s PlayStation 3.

The post-apocalyptic adventure takes place in a dilapidated Boston some 20 years after a fungal outbreak has rendered the globe a living wasteland. Players assume control of rough-and-ready black market dealer Joel, who is tasked with helping 14-year-old Ellie escape the quarantine zone.

The Last of Us places emphasis on survival skills, with gamers required to hunt for weapons and supplies while battling against foes, both human and infected. Combat is particularly brutal, though players will have the ability to approach situations any way they wish, whether by circumventing potential hazards via stealth or opting for more violent tactics.

Naughty Dog showcased the title at PAX Prime over the weekend, and as promised, the studio has released a lengthy gameplay walkthrough of the title, which you can see below. This footage was shown behind-closed-doors at E3 back in June, and includes new gameplay clips.

The Last of Us is scheduled to ship exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2013.