The Last of Us PS4 ‘won’t miss’ summer release date, Naughty Dog explains new difficulty

Naughty Dog has reiterated that The Last of Us Remastered, the upcoming PlayStation 4 enhanced port of 2013’s critically acclaimed action-adventure title, is still on track for a release this summer.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, the company’s Arne Meyer noted that any release dates for the post-apocalyptic stunner listed by retailers are merely placeholders. However, he assured fans that it won’t miss its summer launch window.

Elsewhere, he also spoke on the newly-released Grounded Mode for The Last of Us, which takes the difficulty spike beyond that of the already-challenging Survivor Mode.

“Grounded Mode is an advanced difficulty mode for the single-player content. Imagine a step beyond even Survivor Mode,” he wrote.

The fact Grounded is even tougher than its predecessor setting is something to think about. Ater all, Survivor wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, removing Joel’s ability to activate ‘listen mode’ as well as various button prompts. Enemies also took severe punishment before going down, and ammo and resources were incredibly rare to boot.

Be sure to check out the launch trailer for Grounded Mode here.

via GearNuke