The Last of Us Remastered: Fan-made ‘Time’ trailer is haunting, extremely well-made

In our review of The Last of Us Remastered, we noted the addition of Photo Mode as a major plus for one of the very best PlayStation games in recent memory. One enterprising YouTuber has gone beyond merely sharing the game’s stunning moments to stitching them together in a seriously impressive trailer.

The video, dubbed a “Time” trailer (via VG24/7, source AGB), effectively captures the game’s intensity by removing you from the full-motion horror. Instead, we’re treated to brief looks at a variety of still renders, and as we rotate within those moments, you got a sense of terror frozen in time.

It might even be more effective, insofar as the haunting feeling it exudes, than your standard gameplay trailer. I find myself filling in the gaps of what’s happening on my own; for someone you hasn’t seen or played the game, I imagine this makes for intense viewing.

Creative director and writer Neil Druckmann gives thumbs up:

Give it a watch below, and give your props to the creator–Grant Voegtle–over on his YouTube channel.