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The awful Life of Black Tiger trailer uses a song from the Parasyte anime

A preview trailer for Korean developer 1Games’ Life of Black Tiger is being called the worst game trailer to be on the official PlayStation YouTube channel and it uses a song from the Japanese anime adaptation of Parasyte, possibly without permission.

At writing, the recently posted YouTube video sits at 1,853 likes and 8,227 dislikes, and is a simple gameplay montage (plus a somewhat pixelated title card at the end), with none of the in-game sound present. Instead, the whole trailer is clearly set to a song track from the Parasyte anime titled “Next to You.” Take a listen:

Life of Black Tiger is originally a mobile game and the PlayStation 4 port on display here still looks like a mobile title. Gameplay is simplistic – you’re a Black Tiger using basic action combat to kill things. Models look low-res and polygonal and the framerate is awful, with visible frame skips. It doesn’t help the captured footage appears to be not the best quality, possibly at a low bitrate or with a lot of compression.

The PS4 version of Life of Black Tiger will launch in the spring.

Thanks, @maddyjacksonn.