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The PlayStation Portal Is Sold Out, And Scalpers Are Already Hiking Up Prices

Whether you like the device as an idea or not, the PlayStation Portal is clearly selling as the handheld is sold out on the PlayStation Direct Store.

Which of course means that there are some who were able to get one who only intend to sell it, for much more than its retail price.

Scalpers are already hiking up the price from its retail price of $199.99 / €219.99 / £199.99 upwards of $299.99, $309.99 and $329.99.

There’s even a seller out there who is trying to find someone to buy four PlayStation Portal’s for £1,325.

Since the launch of the PS5, the buzz around trying to get anything PlayStation allowed sellers to raise prices to astronomical levels, and in many ways that’s not really gone away, as shown with the practically 50% increase on the Portal’s price.

And that’s just for something that is purely a remote play device, it’s not even the full console, and yet there are people who have paid the increased price to get their hands on one.

A lot of hullabaloo for a niche device that PlayStation doesn’t even expect to make a profit on.

This won’t be the case forever of course, Sony is making more Portal’s to refill the sold out stock, and things will balance out. But those too impatient to wait will pay the price.

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