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The Quarry Will Let You Finish The Game Without Pressing A Button Thanks To Movie Mode

Supermassive GamesThe Quarry will feature a Movie Mode that allows you to finish the game without even pressing a single button, as revealed in a new IGN First video.

Movie Mode is easily found below the New Game option on the main menu, and has “everyone lives” and “everyone dies” as two selections you can make before sitting back and watching the game. However, it also features a Director’s Chair, which gives you full creative control over each character’s personality and reactions to various situations.

An example of this is showcased in the video here, which shows options for adept, erratic, and clumsy in regards to how Laura reacts during times of pressure. You can also expect the same tinkering for Ryan, Nick, and Caitlin.

If you don’t fancy changing these parameters yourself, you can select a randomiser to decide how each character will react in various situations.

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The Quarry is something of a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, as it’s not part of The Dark Pictures Anthology that Supermassive Games is currently also working on. The game is scheduled for release on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on June 10, 2022.