The Simpsons Boxart Revealed

Straight from EA here are the latest PlayStation boxarts for The Simpsons Game(s):

PS3 Boxart

The Simpsons Game Boxart (PS2)

PS2 Boxart

The Simpsons Game Boxart (PS2)


PSP Boxart

The Simpsons Game Boaxrt (PSP)


Background Info

The Simpsons Game is a third-person action game featuring an original storyline written by Tim Long, Matt Selman and Matt Warburton. The plot plays out with the family discovering that they are forced to participate in yet another Simpsons video game. Like the show, the game will poke fun at popular culture, other video games and EA itself.

It has been revealed that players will be able to control four of the five members of the family (Maggie is playable in brief moments, such as in air ducts) with their own levels and unique abilities.The game contains 16 “episodes” consisting of four chapters each, featuring well known locations from the show. Simpsons creator Matt Groening will appear as a boss at the end of the game.

The trailer for the game shows the player rolling around a bloated Homer a la Katamari Damacy, controlling Bart in the guise of Bartman, using a meditative power by Lisa to shift perspective and manipulate objects and, as Marge, using a megaphone to nag at NPCs in order to control and convince them to rally against an Itchy & Scratchy-themed Grand Theft Auto parody. The game will also feature co-operative multiplayer. A second player will be able to connect a controller at any time during a single-player session and join in.