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The Survivalists’ Expeditions Update Is Now Available On PS4

Team17 has announced that The Survivalists‘ Expeditions update is now available to grab for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One players.

Previously released for the PC version of The Survivalists, Expeditions adds a wealth of new content, including 40 new trinkets and the ability to equip four of them at any one time. These bolster character with a variety of effects including reducing damage, burn damage, and death bombs.

Meanwhile, Expeditions coms with four new Taskmasters lurking about the islands, which offer players themed tasks that dish out ever-increasing rewards upon completion. In addition, players can acquire three new companion pets, the chance to catalogue animals, shells, and insects in the journal, as well as explore a new endgame island brimming with powerful orclings and an extra mini-boss.

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Check out a trailer below.

The Survivalists was released for the PS4 in October 2020.