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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update 1.07 Adds Premium DLC Support, XP Increase For Family Actions

Sumo Nottingham has released the Texas Chain Saw Massacre update 1.07 patch notes, adding support for premium DLC as well as increasing XP earned for performing family actions.

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  • Fixed: XP for Disconnected Victims Killed
    • We have fixed an issue that caused XP to be lost if a player disconnected during the execution.
  • Changed: Match End Logic
    • Match End Logic will now check for disconnected players, rather than waiting the 10 seconds previously to end the match.
  • Tuned: XP Values for Family Actions
    • We have increased the XP earned for various Family actions and objectives to bring it closer to balance with the Victim side.
  • Tuned: Character Bios
    • We have edited and updated some of the character bios.

Support for the following premium DLC has been added:

  • Nicotero Leatherface Premium Content: Includes the Nicotero Leatherface outfit, Nicotero Leatherface saw with unique saw sound, and Nicotero Leatherface exclusive universal execution.
  • Victim Outfit Packs: Each Victim gets one new outfit pack which includes a new outfit with 3 color swaps and 3 texture/pattern swaps to choose from for that outfit.
  • Victim Outfit Pack Bundle: Get all five Victim Outfit Packs for the price of four with the Victim Outfit Pack Bundle.
  • Slaughter Family Bloody Skins Pack: Feeling like the blood of your Victims in game just isn’t quite enough? Get the Slaughter Family Bloody Skins Pack to really layer it on. Comes with blood… lots of it. All 5 Family members Bloody Skins included in this pack.