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The Voice Actors For Adam Jensen And Solid Snake Are Working On A Project Together

That’s right, two of the most iconic gritty voices ever to grace the gaming landscape are currently working on a game together, as Adam Jensen’s voice actor Elias Toufexis revealed that he and Solid Snake’s voice actor David Hayter are working together in a Reddit AMA.

The news comes from website GamingPurists who spotted the AMA where Elias was asked about what he has currently going on, and where fans can next expect to see him. The question specifically mentioned Toufexis as one of the best voice actors in the industry with a voice as iconic as David Hayter’s or Steve Downes. Toufexis responded saying that he and Hayter are working on a project together, and that he’s “so sick of that guy”.

While the last part was most likely in jest, it’s doubtful Toufexis would joke about anything work related like that. So now we’re left to speculate what this game could be. Is it a gritty voice-off, where Hayter and Toufexis went back to back saying different cliche tough-guy lines from action films and the player is left to decide who wins?

Probably not, but those voices are truly iconic enough that anything they’re involved in is likely going to be interesting, and worth checking out.

Source – [GamingPurists]