The Walking Dead: 400 Days launches this summer with five new characters and stories

TellTale Games has revealed the next instalment in its popular The Walking Dead series, confirming that The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be released on PSN, Xbox Live, PC and Mac and compatible iOS devices this summer.

The brand new episode will cost $4,99 and will require players to own The Walking Dead: Episode One, Season One in order to download it. Telltale confirms there will be five new characters who are tasked with surviving the first 400 days of the zombie-fuelled apocalypse. There will be five separate yet connected short stories to play through that will require players to make tough decisions and test their morals to the max!

Check out the annoucement trailer…



Also confirmed for PlayStation Vita is The Walking Dead: Season One which will launch as one complete package rather than separate episodes. A release date has yet to be announced.