The Witness dev explains lack of PlayStation VR support

Jonathan Blow has explained why The Witness will not feature PlayStation VR compatibility, despite the PC version of the ambitious title including VR support.

Speaking with iDigitalTimes (via NeoGAF), Blow explained that development of the The Witness kicked off long before the concept of PlayStation VR came into fruition, and it wouldn’t be possible to simply add the feature in so close to completion. 

Said Blow: “Not on PlayStation VR simply because to support that you would’ve had to design the game from the outset. We started this game a long time ago way before PlayStation VR was a concept so for for this game. We might do some support for PC based UV because it’s easier to add that in later.”

As such, VR compatibility will be made available exclusively for the PC edition of the game.

The Witness has been in development since 2009, and was originally due to release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, the success of Blow’s previous game, Braid, allowed him to expand the team and maintain his vision for the game, resulting in an extended development period that ultimately lead to Blow jumping to current-generation formats.

Set in an open-word, The Witness was inspired by the classic puzzler, Myst, and sees gamers exploring an island full of man-made and natural structures. Taking control of an unnamed protagonist, gamers must explore their surroundings and solve a variety of challenging puzzles in order to progress, with the final version of the game said to incorporate over 650 brain-taxing riddles. 

Stay tuned for our full review of The Witness this week.