The Witness walkthrough – How to solve all puzzles

Yes, we’re struggling with The Witness too. We’re meant to struggle, you’re meant to struggle. You’re not meant to cheat either by watching this walkthrough, but you’re tempted, aren’t you?

WARNING – Spoilers! The Witness is a series of puzzles. The fun (and frustration) of the game is solving these puzzles by yourself. In this video guide, we’ll show you how to breeze through the first hour or so of the game, and we’ve condensed it so it just shows the puzzle solutions roughly in the order that you’ll encounter them.

We’ve got a hell of lot further than this now, so we’ll be uploading more videos as we produce them. So, do check back, or struggle on, whatever you wish. Maybe just a peak to get past that one puzzle that has been driving you insane?

We’ll leave it with you.

The first video shows the first hour or so, up until the moment you unlock the first trophy. We’ve condensed this video so it just shows the puzzles solutions. For commentary, and more in depth-look at the puzzles check out the other videos.


Activating Symmetry Laser



Desert Ruins




Hedge Puzzle


Shady Trees


More videos to follow. Thanks to PS4trophies.