This Week’s Top Stories: September 20 – 26, 2010

Welcome to another instalment in our weekly news digest where the team at PSU Towers picks our favourite slices of gaming gossip from the past seven days, before proceeding to offer our two cents on each story for good measure.

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PS3 ICO/Shadow of the Colossus to have Trophies, Last Guardian may have Move

Team ICO sure know how to spoil us. Not content with giving ICO and Shadow of the Colossus a fresh HD paint job on PS3 complete with 3D compatibility, the team are also planning on throwing in Trophy support to boot. Needless to say, those of you who have already played the games on PS2 will now have even more of an incentive to pick up the collection when it hits shelves next spring, but for those who have yet to delve in to the artsy fantasies of creator Fumito Ueda, you’re in for a mammoth treat. Indeed, we hope the likes of the God of War Collection and Team ICO’s effort are merely a taste of things to come in regards to seeing more classic PS2 outings make the transition to Sony’s black box. Keep it up.

Kojima says it’d be “nice” to “introduce” new game at TGS 2011

Social networking phenomenon Twitter has quickly become an integral part of our daily gaming news sources over the past 6 months or so, with Hideo Kojima proving he’s quite the aficionado. Indeed, when he’s not posting ramblings (as well as pictures, for that matter) pertaining to what he’s shoved down his gob for lunch on an almost daily basis, the legendary Metal Gear Solid creator is sharing his musings on his upcoming projects. It’s the latter that caught our attention on Monday, where the Kojima Productions boss Tweeted it would be “nice” if he could lift the veil on his new game at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. Sure, it’s a long way off and not quite as soon as we had hoped to see a glimpse of what Kojima’s been up to all this time, but given how the man has dealt with past reveals (see MGS4’s TGS 2005 reveal five years ago), it’ll be worth the wait. Still, we’re hoping we get a butcher’s at his latest works a little sooner. E3 perhaps? Even GamesCom? Come on Kojima, pretty please.  

Naughty Dog’s next game “too far along” to have Move support

It’s fair to say that every man and his dog must be anticipating Naughty Dog’s latest project – whatever that may be – so the knowledge that the game is apparently too far gone to implement Move support further cements our belief that a reveal can’t be far off. As for the identity of the mystery title, let’s face it; we’re all expecting Uncharted 3. Furthermore, while we always avoid generalising, we think it’s a fair assumption to say that the majority of punters aren’t that fussed at the notion of Naughty Dog integrating any wand-waggling shenanigans in Nathan Drake’s latest adventure. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and all that jazz. Then again, if the team were to demonstrate effective use of motion controls in Uncharted, then we’ll gladly embrace them – right now, though, we’re just a little sceptical over the whole affair. Then again, we could be barking up the wrong tree entirely, and Naughty Dog could have something completely new altogether up its sleeves. Time to play the waiting game again.

FF Agito/Versus XIII presser to have “other surprises”

After an excruciatingly long wait for fresh info on elusive duo Final Fantasy Agito/Versus XIII, the chaps at Square look set to finally give the games a formal re-reveal at January’s appropriately named Fabula press event. And about time too. Still, from the sound of things it’ll be worth the wait, with the company apparently set to spoil us rotten with the revelation that we can expect ‘other surprises’ to come out of the Japanese presser. Quite what they have in mind is anyone’s guess, but a new game announcement is certainly a possibility, with some speculation even pointing to confirmation of an Xbox 360 port of Versus XIII. Still, we won’t dabble in conjecture for the time being; we’re just eager to finally get a substantial glimpse of the PSP/PS3 titles for the first time in what seems like years. Whatever the outcome, this event surely can’t fail to disappoint – Square knows it has to deliver the goods after all this time, so we’re well and truly stoked for it.

Visceral keen to make Dead Space 3

While the Dead Space franchise is still only in its infancy, it’s already proven to be one of the most accomplished videogame outings in years – and in our humble opinion, has firmly eclipsed Resident Evil as the cream of the crop in the survival horror genre. In fact, the EA’s inaugural horror outing gave us more pant-wetting moments than RE4 & 5 combined. With the sequel due out early next year and already looking mighty impressive, we’re thrilled at the revelation that developer Visceral Games has expressed interest in creating a third game. Sure, it’s early days yet, but its entirely conceivable Isaac Clarke’s strategic dismembering antics could become as ubiquitous as Resident Evil or Silent Hill over the next few years. But remember folks, it’ll only happen if Dead Space 2 sells like hotcakes and generates sufficient interest among us gamers. Fingers crossed EA are on to another winner early next year, then.

Capcom denies alienating PS3 fans with Dead Rising 2 DLC

In our humble opinion, Capcom can hark on about how it isn’t alienating PS3 fans to the ends of the earth for all it likes; we still feel like we’re being given the short end of the stick. The pertinent point for us is the content in question. Costumes, weapons and even an extra scene or two we can handle missing out on. They’re inconsequential in the long run. A fully downloadable prologue & epilogue, however, is not. It’s part of the story; it fleshes out the narrative and offers a good few hours wroth of gameplay to the package. Plus, we loved Frank West and considering PS3 owners didn’t get the original Dead Rising on their beloved black box, we’re pretty miffed we won’t get to play as him. Again. If anything, we expected Capcom to support Sony’s platform with this additional DLC simple due to the fact they didn’t port the original zombie outing to PS3. So, a touchy subject, but we can’t help but feel a little cheated.

LittleBigPlanet slips in to 2011

Blimey, when will it end? By that, we’re referring to the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of delays that have been cropping up since the middle of the year, with numerous titles missing the crucial holiday 2010 line-up in favour of making the transition to early 2011. Unfortunately, while we can accept this is the norm for a few titles, the loss of LittleBigPlanet 2 in Sony’s Q4 offering is a hard pill to swallow. After all, how many of us were looking forward to locking ourselves in our rooms and meticulously concocting some of our own Sack-tastic stages and mini-games over the Christmas holidays? Most of us, so it seems. Ok, so we’ll be getting the game in January, but still, LBP2 has stood as one of most anticipated games of the year since its initial unveiling, and to lose it to an ever-growing list of 2010 casualties is nothing short of devastating. Still, if it means Media Molecule can deliver an even more polished product, then that’s all that counts. Sob.

THQ backs “extended lifecycle” for PS3, 360

The general consensus among gamers and industry folk alike pertaining to the arrival of next-gen machines has been made abundantly clear in recent months – don’t expect them any time soon. Indeed, THQ boss Brian Farrell is just the latest chap to wade in on the matter, believing that both PS3 and 360 will remain on the market actively dominating software sales for around four more years. We have to agree, as anyone can see that this current generation has only just got started, with developers nowhere near pushing the machines to their limits. Taking a look back at Sony’s history though, it’s interesting to observe that the hardware manufacturer tends to unveil a new console approximately five years after launching its latest platform, before releasing it to market the following year. The original PlayStation launched in 1994, with PS2 formally announced in 1999, before arriving on store shelves in 2000. Similarly, Sony lifted the wraps off PS3 in 2005, which went on sale in 2006. Of course, this generation looks set to be the first to buck that trend; after all, Sony’s past schedule would indicate that PS4 is due an unveiling in 2011 – five years after the launch of its predecessor. This isn’t happening obviously, but it just goes to show the console conveyer belt was churning out new machines at a decidedly quicker pace once upon a time. When you look back, a five-year lifecycle just didn’t seem all that substantial and seems entirely inconceivable in this day and age with things only just heating up for Sony and PS3. Here’s to another five years of our beloved black behemoth.