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Thousands Of PS4 Pros Used For Crypto Mining Found In Warehouse By Ukraine’s Security Service

Authorities in Ukraine have raided a warehouse containing thousands of PS4 Pros used for illegal crypto mining.

The Ukraine Security Service (SBU) discovered the crypto farm last week, uncovering more than 5,000 devices used for the operation, including racks of PS4 Pro consoles and other video game tech. The warehouse itself is located in Vinnytsia, next to the Vinnytsiaoblenergo energy company.

The crypto mining operation has been accused of leeching a significant amount of energy off the grid — as much as $256,648 — and utilising electrical meters to hide operations. Furthermore, the SBU has not ruled out officials from the power company being involved somehow.

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However, Vinnytsiaoblenergo strenuously denies any involvement in the crypto mining operation:

The equipment used for cryptocurrency mining has never operated on premises owned by our enterprise.

In addition, it also said that SBU’s report “does not correspond to reality,” adding “we will not make excuses. Let the SBU figure out what has happened.”

[Source – Kotaku]