THQ announces Darksiders, Saints Row, and Red Faction Guerrilla sequels

Fans of Darksiders and the Saints Row series can look forward to new games as THQ announced sequels to both titles in fiscal year 2012. In addition, a sequel to Red Faction Guerrilla will be released in THQ’s 2011fiscal year – ending on March 31, 2011.

Brian Farrell, THQ CEO, said during the company’s investor call today, that Red Faction Guerrilla’s sequel will feature “robust online gameplay.” We can also expect to see THQ’s new game, Homefront, in fiscal 2011. We should hear more about these games at this year’s E3.

A sequel to Darksiders makes plenty of sense as THQ announced it had shipped 1.2 million copies of the game during its first four weeks at market.