THQ dev says "potential for better graphics on PS3 than 360"

As some of you may know, THQ is holding their annual gamer’s day event in San Francisco, California and this has resulted in a great quote for PlayStation 3 users worldwide.  According to Jeff Carroll, Associate Producer of upcoming title Red Faction: Guerilla for the PS3, went ahead and let people know that the PS3 is capable of better graphics than its counterpart the XBOX 360.

When asked if the PS3 was capable of achieving better graphics, he responded with "I think potentially you will. I think early on people are going to be struggling to figure out exactly how to make the PS3 work. But I think once they do, they will see it’s a very powerful system underneath."

He also went on to add that Red Faction is definitely going to be pushing the processing power and memory power of the PS3. 

All of this sounds great to the reader but we’ll have to decide for ourselves once we get to see the game in action to see if his words are warranted or not.  As more develops from the Red Faction camp we’ll be sure to keep you posted.