Titanfall 2 release date targeting FY 2017

Electronic Arts’ Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, said during the publisher’s earnings call overnight that Titanfall 2 is expected to launch in FY 2017.

This puts the hotly anticipated mech-shooter out anywhere between April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017. In other words, we’ve got a long wait ahead of us. 

Titanfall 2 has been confirmed as a multiplatform title, meaning it’ll be released for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The original game was an Xbox One console exclusive. 

EA has a number of high-profile titles out between now and next April, including the next instalment in its multi-million selling FIFA franchise, Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront. EA expects the latter to ship 9-10 million by next April.

Mass Effect 4 is also in development, although the game wasn’t name dropped during the earnings call. However, industry insiders expect the game to be released in 2016. It’s also expected to show up in some form at E3 in June.