Tom Clancy’s The Division takes ‘full advantage’ of PS4, ‘it’s an amazing machine,’ says Ubisoft Massive

In a recent interview with PlayStation Universe, Ubisoft Massive praised the PS4, stating that Tom Clancy’s The Division takes full advantage of the hardware having been built from the ground-up specifically for this latest generation of consoles.

When asked if there was any challenges faced with bringing the game to PS4, Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist told PSU:

“We developed both the engine and the game specifically for this new generation of consoles. So we didn’t have any problems at all, it was perfectly built for that. I know a lot of other games are using older engines that they need to port. Ours was built from the ground up. It takes full advantage of the PlayStation, and it’s an amazing machine.”

Said to be taking ‘full advantage’ of PS4

However, Rundvist also said that there’s still the ability to push things further, “With a console generation there is a lot of growth once people learn to use the system," he said. I think the same will happen with the PS4. We will be able to push much more from the consoles when we learn to use all the details. They are incredibly powerful by default but there is more to get from them.”

The Division has received high praise for its graphics on both PS4 and Xbox One with the release of some stunning-looking trailers and demos. Earlier this year, Ubsoft Massive said it was also targeting 30fps in order to preseve the game’s visual fidelity.

Though the game is billed as a third-person shooter, it also features heavy RPG elements, including a levelling system, characters skill sets and the ability to collect loot. Players can take on missions alone or join up with friends online in an open-ended adventure where freedom of choice allows players to pick and choose mission types.

A firm release date has yet to be announced, though Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to launch some time in 2015.