Tomb Raider finally makes profit for Square Enix

Almost 10 months after its initial release, Tomb Raider has finally made a profit for its publisher Square Enix.

The much-hyped return of Lara Croft was expected to result in the sale of 5-6 million units in the first four weeks of release, but with only 3.2 million units sold in its first month, Square Enix was left counting the cost of the big budget production. Tomb Raider Executive producer Scott Amos revealed to Eurogamer that success has only just been achieved toward the end of 2013.

Referring to the relationship between Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix, Amos revealed: “They’ve always been behind us, regardless of maybe what was said or how it was said in the press, and certainly at the end of the year we’ve actually gone over expectations because we’ve managed to get profitability back."

Square Enix will be hoping that profitability takes another upturn in this quarter following the release of the Tomb Raider ‘Game Of The Year’ and the ‘Definitive Edition’ later this month.

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