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Tomb Raider Legend PS5 & PS4 Release Is Disappointing As The Game Runs At 30 FPS/480p

Tomb Raider Legend arrived on PS Plus Premium today for PS5 & PS4 users, but Lance McDonald has revealed that the 2006 action-adventure game isn’t all its cracked up to be in terms of performance.

The PS2 game runs at 30 FPS and renders at 480p, which as you can imagine doesn’t look great at all, especially on modern displays. The biggest kicker is however if you pay for the game outright without subscribing to PS Plus Premium (it’s available on the PlayStation Store as a standalone purchase), it costs $20.

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lol the PlayStation 4/5 emulated version of Tomb Raider Legend came out today (it’s running the PS2 ROM emulated) and it runs at 30fps and renders in 480p. Absolutely abysmal release for $30. You can buy the PC version on GoG for $0.98c right now.

Tomb Raider Legend was originally released for the PS2, GameCube, PC, and Xbox in 2006, and is a reboot of the franchise developed by Crystal Dynamics (the franchise would of course be rebooted again in 2013).

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