Top 5 badass PlayStation tattoos

What do you do to show how much you love your PlayStation ? Perhaps you challenge yourself to win the latest games Trophies, spar with rivals on forums or maybe you might get a tattoo ?

Over the last 20 years tattoos have increased in popularity to where they are now seen as art rather than a rite of passage or defiance. Indeed, it seems anything goes as far as a choice of tattoo and it’s no surprise that there are plenty of PS related ones available.

Read on to see what I think are the top 5 PlayStation-related tattoos that I have trawled the Internet to bring you. Tattoos that are record breakers or simply amazing works of art are all associated with the PS in ways that might surprise you.

Let’s start with what is according to the Guinness Book of Records the very first PS3 tattoo ever inked.

Mobiletone, or Tony as he is known, had this to say about his record-breaking tattoo.

"How much do I love my console… It’s been nearly a year since the PAL UK launch of the console and I decided to get this tattoo done in honour of what I consider to be the best console ever made. "

Sadly no information from Tony is available as to why he didn’t have the official PS3 logo tattooed or what he is going to do now the release of the PS4 is imminent.

The next tattoo is inspired by the critically-acclaimed PlayStation Network title Journey from thatgamecompany. I’ll let the recipient Madjas00 tell you why they had it done.

"Journey was a game that I downloaded not knowing what to expect… About 2 hours later after beating it all I could say was wow. A couple of weeks after beating it I decided to get my favorite scene from the game tattooed on my arm. "

So, it seems sometimes platinum Trophies aren’t enough and maybe tattoo vouchers could be offered by Sony as part of the new reward scheme for PS4 game completions ?

The PS controller is an image that has become synonymous with gaming, and therefore the device or sometimes just the iconic PS buttons have become a popular choice for gaming tattoos. Now, there are a lot of people who have had controllers tattooed on various parts of their body but only one person who has had one inked on their hands.

Sadly I was unable to track down the owner of this tattoo for a comment so we can only speculate as to why they chose this design and why they opted to have it tattooed on their hand of all places.

SackBoy is gaming’s whippersnapper having only being around five years, but this hasn’t deterred people from showing their love of LittleBigPlanet by getting him tattooed somewhere on their body.

That was certainly my favorite SackBoy tattoo, though sadly the recipient is German and I didn’t have time to run the page through Google translate. Okay, I did have time but I felt it could be better spent, like finding the last and best tattoo for this article.

God of War games inspire devotion from all of Kratos’ many fans, and a lot of them feel this devotion will only be complete if the bald badass becomes a part of them, hence the desire for a related tattoo of the spartan. This God of War-inspired tattoo goes beyond the simple love of a character and takes the whole genre of gaming tattoos to the next amazing level.

So there you have it, five PS-related tattoos that show when it comes to love of gaming there are certainly no limits if you want everyone to see just how much you love your PS or your favorite game.

When it comes to gaming tattoos do you have one or perhaps thinking of getting one? Let us know in the comments section below.