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Toshiba Warns Console Supply Issues Could Last ‘Well Into Next Year’

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have proven considerably difficult to get hold of since their November 2020 rollout due to supply issues, but Toshiba has warned that these problems may yet continue ‘well into next year.’

According to a report on Bloomberg, Toshiba is likely to meet demand for power-regulating chips used in game consoles for another 12 months, even going so far as to foresee issues in late 2022.

Speaking with the publication, Takeshi Kamebuchi, an executive overseeing semiconductors at one of Toshiba’s units, commented:

The supply of chips will remain very tight until at least September next year. In some cases, we may find some customers not being fully served until 2023. Game console makers are among the customers making the strongest demands and I’m sincerely sorry for their frustration as none of them have a 100% satisfaction.

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Supply chains were effectively shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic last year, something which is still affecting the manufacturing of consoles. While new restocks of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have happened sporadically over the past six months or so, they have sold out within minutes and scalpers have only exacerbated the problem.

Sony is set to host a PlayStation Showcase next week offering a glimpse at what’s to come from the company’s internal and third-party studios on PS5.

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